I went to the Hammer Museum yesterday.
One of the exhibits terrified me so I sat and drew people instead.


I’m making new gifs that I will be posting some time SOON!

My internship has kept me busy, but I on my spare time I always find myself watching Old Hollywood films.


I have been hired to decorate a nursery…THE ENTIRE ROOM!

Updates will be posted sometime in the next months. :)

Lions & Fishies



I need one…two…or three of these beautifully placed plants.

RED FACES at the bus stop.

"Carry a sketchbook with you everywhere…"

Lorelay Bove

An artist that is a new inspiration in my creative process is Lorelay Bove. Along with my list of inspirational artists, such as Teddy Newton and Lou Romano, I became immersed in her use of shapes and colors. Her color palettes are wonderful. The idea “less is more” becomes more apparent and I can’t help but explore this within my own work.